Monday, July 11, 2011

My Thoughts on the DCnU.

"That's it. I'm officially done with mainstream superhero comics."

That's what I thought when I originally heard about the DC reboot. And it wasn't one of those comedic overreactions that fanboys are known to be prone to. I haven't bought a Marvel comic in about two years now. I've watched the movies, but that's been the only money Marvel's gotten from me. I don't plan to read anything else from Marvel until there's a changing of the guard at editorial.

This didn't really bother me much, however. For the most part, I'd been very happy in the directions DC had been going. The last continuity reboot with Infinite Crisis, leading into the 52 worlds, was probably their best yet. There were certain things which were changed with Crisis on Infinite Earths which I never liked, but many were changed back (most notably Wonder Woman was reinstated as a founding Justice Leaguer).

Geoff Johns was also doing a great job reviving a number of franchises, most notably Green Lantern and Hawkman. He also managed to give some extra attention to my favorite team, Young Justice, which came at the price of shoe-horning them into being a new version of the Teen Titans.

Since then, there have been dozens of crossovers that made major changes to many of the franchises. When I first heard about the reboot, much of the initial leaked information bothered me, to the point where I thought of the whole situation with the line I started this article with. Frankly, some of it still does, but with that in mind I'll be doing separate posts on the many facets of this event.

I'm not "HAPPY" with the bulk of the changes they've made public, but I think a workable version of the DC Universe can go on for several years with this version. I'm hoping a lot of it gets reversed eventually, but I'll likely be along for the ride in the interim.

That said, I have a number of complicated thoughts on most of the aspects of this event, all the way from the specific choices they're making as far as the changes go to what makes each of these franchises "work." Lately, I've heard too many fans who, admittedly, do not understand the basic draw of these iconic characters try to dictate how they should be handled, and that's bothered me. I want to be one voice out there contradicting the general flow and, hopefully, bringing both intelligence and heart to the discussion. I admittedly have my own prejudices on the subject, but I will try to wear them on my sleeve at all times.


Cam said...

I'd be interested to know what you think now that we are 7 or 8 issues into the DCNu. I have enjoyed some of it and I've felt that some characters, particularly Superman, have been mishandled. They seem to be trying to make Superman more badass to appeal to the disaffected youth at the expense of the core paragons of the character.

Landon Erp said...

It's kind of sad since I'd originally planned to do several more articles on the subject, but it's a little late for that now.

That said I've read a lot of the books and I've got mixed opinions on many of them.

I've specifically avoided Superman due to a lot of what you mentioned.

I really liked Justice League International, Teen Titans, Superboy. Though I've noticed that there's been a big trend of taking away parts of characters that make them unique, thus making them a lot more "normal" and calling this an improvement.