Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bosch Fawstin: "DC Comics Throws Wonder Woman to the Islamic Wolves"

"Super-powered Muslims wouldn't stone Wonder Woman," writes anti-Jihadist graphic artist Bosch Fawstin. "They'd boulder her."

Fawstin is referring to Wonder Woman's recent costume change, which is rumored to be a concession to Islam. More specifically, to the recent comics crossover between the iconic American heroes of DC Comics and the Muslim heroes known as "The 99." Is it a concession? I don't know for sure; characters are often given new looks to update them, and Wonder Woman has been no exception. It's something that's been attempted in the past, with less-than-wondrous results. But Wonder Woman is a different case, because of her costume, or, more accurately, because she's the first iconic female superhero, and it's demonstrative of the "Babylonian" tendency to communicate iconic figures through various idealistic "tongues." The risque nature of her costume (not to mention the practicality of it), the Betty Page pin-up aspect, and the feminist tone all mean that when there's a costume change, it's usually going to generate social controversy. (One particular change from 1972 got feminists like Gloria Steinem all worked up, ironically enough, because they felt that the de-powered, Mod-clad version was inferior to the bikini-clad version. Steinem is apparently not a fan of the new version, either.)

The more things change...this new change is no exception. What's interesting, though, is that if one looks close enough, the seeds for this can be seen in Paul Dini and Alex Ross's prestige-format Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth book. Published in November of 2001, it was 9/11 conscious, with our heroine's overtures of friendship met with fear and mistrust, and, yes, she is stoned. She goes undercover in several different scenes, in order to blend in, and in one instance wears a burka. She rips it off in a dramatic confrontation with soldiers and frees other burka-clad women, but knowing that they will fear her, and expects no gratitude. Still, the image is one of defiance against Islamic oppression, when such a thing was not so controversial in America. With that explained, the sequence below should become quiet clear...

Now, as mentioned, the Ross painting was done in 2001, but, as we know, "9/11 changed everything." Can you imagine, in the wake of death-threats against Danish cartoonists for drawings of Mohammad, the outrage if that was published today? So what's next? If Fawstin has it right, probably something like this:


Bosch Fawstin said...

Good job putting it all together, Joe.

Joe Maurone said...

Thank YOU, Bosch, for getting it started.

Damien said...

Landon Erp,
Joe Maurone,
And Bosch Fawstin,

Speaking Of Superheros and counter Jihad I thought you guys might want to see this.

Check out Spencer Man and Geller Woman, in The 19 Nineteen.

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I don't know when Big Fur Hat will come out with part four, but if you are enjoying it, it maybe soon.

Well what do you guys think, do Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller look good in tights? :)