Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miners Coming Out Like Champs

The Chilean miners, trapped for over two months, are coming style.

The media keeps talking about how the miners will be dealing with "severe emotional trauma" for some time. They most likely will have trauma, and who would blame them? But from what I've seen, these are pretty hardy guys, and they're coming out like champs. (One guy they call "the rock star"; instead of crying, he was passing out rocks from the mine.)

That's awesome.

(Apparently the media assumed these guys were raised in some suburban day-care center with Barney...)

Kudos to the rescue workers, from the creative and technical minds who devised the escape, to the workers who helped sustain the miners, and to the Chilean miner's spirit. Considering that no one has every survived this long in such an incident, this has to be recognized as truly heroic.