Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who Needs CGI When There's...PREMAKES!

These are too freakin' cool. I discovered these on the Comic Book Resources site: "Premakes":

Ivan Guerrero has caught a lot of attention on YouTube for his "premakes" series, where he makes 1950s-style trailers for various movies. Following up on trailers for Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Ghostbusters, his latest one is for the Avengers. And apparently even Stan Lee has watched the video.
What I found interesting is how the soundtrack made a difference; the retro-version of The Empire Strikes Back certainly benefitted from the John Williams score. (Of course, the idea was to harken back to the old-styled Korngold scores of the Golden Age...). When I consider how much impact it had on the original Star Wars film (early trailers of it did not contain the store, and it is a lesser experience for it), I'd hope that filmmakers today would realize that a great score is just as important as the CGI (looking at you, Clash of the Titans remake...).

Overall, these come off as more heroic than some of the more recent CGI spectacles...hmmm...Way to go, Ivan.