Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When a Nightmarish Summer is a Good Thing.

I went to a couple of horror conventions this summer, one in my once and soon to be hometown of Indianapolis and another in a town that advertised as Louisville Kentucky to look more impressive on the flyer/website. The main things which attracted me to these conventions were the abundance of A Nightmare on Elm Street alumni. I've written a lot here about that series, and I'm about to start a full-on review of the entire series at my re-dedicated sister-blog Dissecting the Machine.

The thing is that, around the second convention, I decided that I'd try to see if I could talk some of favorite horror icons into interviews, and, surprise, it worked!

In hindsight, I'm kind of wishing I would've thought of this idea earlier. I came up with some good questions for Ken
Sagoes (who played Kincaid in Nightmare 3 and 4). I'll have to settle for the fact that he liked my X-men analogy for Nightmare 3, where I basically said the Dream Warriors were like the X-men and that made him Wolverine.

I might not have had anything too insightful to ask Mark Patton, but I'm still glad I got to meet him. This guy is a real life hero to a generation of gay horror fans (myself not included, but I can definitely sympathize).

(Also on an un-Nightmare related note, Tony Todd was there and it would've been interesting to hear his thoughts on living up to the legacy of Ben in the Night of the Living Dead remake.)

But at the other convention I did have the idea and I managed to net interviews with Nightmare 4 & 5's "Alice" (Lisa Wilcox), as well as Nightmare 1,3 and New Nightmare's Heather
Once I learn the ins and outs of video editing software, I'll have the Lisa Wilcox interview up, but I'm not allowed to show the video of the
Langenkamp interview, so I should have a text recap up by tomorrow.

This was literally a dream come true for me (I don't even care about the pun, it was so awesome). And I'm looking forward to having this content posted as soon as possible. -Landon Erp