Thursday, June 24, 2010

Iran: One Year Later, and Remembering Neda, the "Brave Lioness"

(It's been a few days to the year since last summer's Iranian revolution. I wish this was a happy anniversay, but it's not; so instead, in honor of their bravery, I'm reprising our tribute to their bravery.)

A special note has to be made for the brave women protesters in Iran, who are even more oppressed under the Islamic theocracy. A Iranian commentator on CNN used the word
shirzan, meaning"lioness," to describe them. What an apt

Check out this video of one such lioness taking on an armed soldier. I wish more American men had her spirit.

And many have taken the death of a young woman named
Neda as a rallying moment; reminiscent of Spartacus, many are claiming "I am Neda."