Saturday, May 8, 2010

SMALLVILLE: Atlas Won't Shrug?

While I've been pretty impressed with Smallville this season (I doubted the Kandorian clone idea initially, but it really took off), I've not commented on it much, mainly because I've accepted that the show's idea of heroism, and the character itself, is firmly entrenched in altruistic Christian ethics. I've come to accept that Clark will not become John Galt in season 10, so I've been letting go and just enjoying the show for its storytelling, action and drama.

That said...I couldn't help but sit up when I saw this:

To quote Fritz Lang, "Nothing is accidental."
That sign says what it does for a reason. Now, I could be upset and see this as the creators firmly affirming the altruistic hero (next's week's finale is called "Salvation," after all), but the very fact that they felt the need to even address the issue with that sign? I'll chalk that up as a small victory for Ayn Rand...

That said, the episode was a good buildup for next week's season finale, and the trailer promises something..."iconic." Looking forward to it. (My Kryptonite? The inevitable cliffhanger...)