Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some Things Are Just Too Awesome To Require Justification.

I just finished watching Crank 2: High Voltage. The science (or lack thereof) is appalling. There's really no moral center of the movie, though if you really wanted to stretch, it you could say something about finding the value of one's own life. You can't really call Chev Chelios a hero since he does some fairly amoral things to accomplish his goals. There are tons of nudity in this film and it is all 100% gratuitous, a fact which the film revels in.

It has no significant intellectual value, another fact which the film also revels in. But, having said that, by Rand's criteria of "would I want to be James Bond?", I find it hard to fault this film. Raining chaos, mayhem, and destruction all across L.A., including some major shootouts, very wild and very public sex with my beautiful girlfriend and a few straight-up destroyed buildings is something I'd love to experience before I die.

I'm always the first to say that I hate escapism, but there is something to be found in what I like to call "turn-your-brain-off-fun" action movies like this series, Shoot 'Em Up, and the original XXX. I was really looking forward to this movie and wasn't disappointed. I still have yet to see Avatar, and have no immediate plans to do so. These are not separate facts.


Joe Maurone said...

"His zest for life is an affirmation of God's great love within us all." –The "Freakin' Pope"