Saturday, September 26, 2009

When the Gods are No More...

This following exchange from Clash of the Titans exemplifies why the original is one of my all-time favorites. From the novelization by Alan Dean Foster:

(Zeus): "Fortune is ally to the brave and clever. He defeated the Kraken. He defied the power of Thetis. He dared to face the might of the gods and win!"

(Thetis): "It is a dangerous precedent. What if one day, others like him should arise? Humans ready to defy the gods and go their own way?"

(Zeus): "No more sacrifices, no more belief, no more need to depend on us for guidance. We would no longer be needed. Mankind would learn to deal with the universe by himself...You worry too much, my dear. For the moment, at least, there is sufficient cowardice, sloth, and mendacity rampant on Earth to last for some time."

It's an interesting exchange in what it DOESN'T say; it's not what Zeus is implying, but the unsaid is that the gods will one day no longer be needed because of the heroic nature of man, but that the heroic nature of man will be seen as godlike in itself...a double-edged sword, really, if heroic men are simply used by other men in place of gods (kinda like the way Communism replaced religion with the State.) Of course, that's just proof that "cowardice, sloth, and mendacity" are STILL with us...some time, indeed.

To the wisdom of Zeus, and when he is no longer needed...