Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Music for Exiles

Since it's thematically linked, and inspired by my writings here, I'm pleased to present my new album, Earth and Exile by Spaceplayer. Now available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Following the past releases of Return of the Space Cadet
and Yet Another Final Frontier is Earth and Exile by
Spaceplayer. “Mental Instrumental to fill the Floydian Void”,
with a dose of Eno/Bowie, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, and
William Orbit.

Earth and Exile is the latest in the “new space rock revival” that is Spaceplayer, an introspective landscape dominated by spacey sounds, soaring synths, and sonic mediations on artistic alienation and finding one’s strength in exile. From the inner reaches of outer space to the outer reaches of inner space, Earth and Exile
is the ultimate soundtrack for staying centered in turbulent times.

Track listing:
Earth and Exile
A Thousand Years of Solitude
Soma (3 For Dark Eternity)
Sense of Doubt
The Last Revolution
Worlds Apart
The Lost Revelation
By Our Love/Ascend the Stars

Earth and Exile will be available for download in September on amazon.com and iTunes. It is also available for listening and/or download at soundclick.com/spaceplayer and spaceplayermusic.com.