Friday, May 8, 2009

Smallville: Doomsday is (almost) Here...

  I'm going to wait until next week's season finale to give my full verdict, but I think I can safely say, at this point, that it will be MUCH better than the finale of Heroes...this has been an incredible season, chock full of tension, a gaggle of DC characters (Zatanna, Parasite, Legion...), and lots of nods to the Superman that we know and love that will one day be....

  And best of all, the Doomsday showdown is finally going to happen. Again, I'll have to wait 
'til I actually see it, but the buildup has been terrific, and the payoff looks promising. WB had definitely outclassed NBC; THIS is what a superhero show is all about! Heroes dropped the ball with the political angle, where Smallville, despite the smaller political scale, is taking the "responsibility for saving the world" angle in the right direction with the threat of Doomsday. Heroes should have been epic; it's devolved into mere soap opera.

  I just hope that if the cliffhanger kills me, I'll come back stronger for season 9. Will Zod reappear? Will Doomsday kill Clark? What will happen to Chloe? Will we see the Superman costume for the first time? Will Clark fly? Will Lex Luthor return? I can't wait.