Thursday, May 14, 2009


That, Heroes, is how you do a season finale cliffhanger. Watch. Listen. Learn. I can't wait to find out what happened...

(Spoilers below)

So Clark flew. He FLEW. Or, at least, he leaped a tall building in a single bound!

Jimmy/Chloe: Say it ain't so! Is it true? Is Jimmy really dead? Really, truly, sincerely dead? It seems that way, the body's in the ground...but if Jimmy's part of the DC universe, Is the secret in the revealing of the full name, Henry James Olson? Is the little brother who received the camera destined to be the Jimmy Olson we come to know? (Maybe he's James Henry Olson...or, like in the comics...James Bartholomew Olsen???? Hrmmm...)

Of course, we don't know where Lois is; she was last seen putting on one of those damn time travel I have come to hate time travel; it kills the consequences of moral choice. But the drama! If this sticks...if it truly sticks.*..well, if Doomsday, freed of the human morality of Davis Bloom (and damn that bastard) is truly gone for now, and with the setup of Clark "taking humanity off its pedestal, to embrace cold Kryptonian logic, and the reintroduction of General Zod...well, next season should make this one look like the last season of Heroes...(and to the haters out there: Yes, the fight was short, Yes, there are plotholes. I'm grading on a curve; this is the CW after all. NBC is a major network. If CW can do this, Heroes should have been much grander...).

I can't wait. Good show.

* (According to Entertainment Weekly, who knows a friend of a friend of an insider, the deaths are sticking.)