Monday, April 27, 2009

HEROES Finale: WTF???

Politics aside, and with the benefit of suspension of disbelief, I STILL walked away from the Heroes season finale, shaking my head in bewilderment. WTF?????

It was going SO well; there were consequences, and Hiro's time powers were restricted, so there was no risk of "time travel" and undoing everything. (The power taking a physical toll on him was an added touch that made the stakes that much higher.) But then, this insult to intelligence. Sylar kills Nathan which was a sensible move for the writers, within the context. Matter of fact, I think it was right. Nathan had sold out everyone, so his last moments were an act of penance, and heroically so.

Sylar is captured by the good guys. Angela, however, dreams that Parkman "saves" him. But Nathan's dead. Is this a weakness in Angela's ability? Of course not. We just have Parkman make Sylar the shapeshifter, believe that he IS Nathan.

C'mon. Really??? WTF???

It is a good twist on Angela's dream. However, we are supposed to believe that this is going to work? C'mon. This is SYLAR. Did they not see the risk they were taking? I understand the political risk involved, though I'm not fond of the return of "The Company." But REALLY? For an illuminati, they're not very smart. How did they think they were going to control him? What if he remembers (which is already the setup in the teaser for next season)? Sylar has defied every attempt at being control and manipulated. Admittedly, he also defies all their attempts to kill him...but did they really think they could control him? Would have been smarter to have him escape...I's just getting silly...


Bob Andelman said...

Check out this interview with Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar in which they discuss the finale and their "special" relationship: