Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hat tip: Linkara's Blue Beetle tribute

I just wanted to give a hat tip to Linkara, who's featured at That Guy With The and his recent Blue Beetle tribute. I've been following him for a while and I've really liked a lot he had to say (especially his "One More Day" commentary). But in this tribute he pays homage to the most recent Blue Beetle series (which I now effectively feel guilty for not having bought, since it died of low sales). He not only covers what made this new series so special but he also gives a great history of the character, from the 40's through the life and death of Ted Kord up until the birth of the new Beetle, Jaime Reyes.

Side note, what's the deal with
Ditko characters being killed off and replaced with Latinos/Latinas recently? Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle, Rene Montoya as the Question. Seems like a pretty big coincidence for one year is all.

But this tribute is entertaining, informative, and thorough, and he even treats
Ditko/Objectivism with respect for once.

I could not in good conscience avoid giving this a hat tip. Check this out and check out the rest of his stuff while you're at it.