Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heroes: "Rebel, Rebel"

 I have to say, whatever it is that the creators of Heroes are taking, it's working. This season, so far, is MUCH better than the past couple of chapters. Sylar's evil again, Noah is just as sneaky, Nathan's an even bigger tool this time around, which means that the stakes are that much higher for the heroes. The story is based on X-men's Days of Future Past, but it's a relevant story, and this is no mere copycat. The premise of the government rounding up that which it fears as a threat to its authority is certainly timely...and there is some genuinely scary stuff going on, which makes Hiro and Ando's comic relief that much more appreciated this time around. (Although how that Hiro has limited time-power back, I'm starting to fear that all these events will be undone; the great thing about this chapter is that there are real consequences. Please, no "Deus Ex Machina" this time, otherwise, there's no challenge.)

 The one line that really caught my attention last night was in an exchange between Tracy Strauss and Micah. Tracy is a clone of Micah's mother, but without the (split) personality: she's a politician down to the bone. Micah tries to help her out of a misplaced devotion to his deceased mother, but she inadvertently sells him out; not knowing that her mystery rescuer was a child, she agrees to lead the authorities to "Rebel." He thought she was a hero, but she was really just a "politician." She responds, "who are you, Che Gueverra?", to which he replies that Gueverra was the leader of a rebellion; who's side are you on?" Of course, I had to chafe at the association of Gueverra as a rebellious hero; however, that aside, the principle here is correct: whether one's values leads to Che Gueverra or John Galt, you don't sell out your allies to save your own neck. But if you're a "politician," the implication is that pragmatism outweighs ideology. Ick.

 Fortunately, Tracy helps "Rebel" escape to continue his rebellion against the oppressive state, and gives her life in the process. This was not an act of self-sacrifice, it was an act of redemption for all those lives she sold for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver. And she took a few of the bastards down in the process. 

 In other words, she gave back her bonus.

 And you go, "Rebel."