Monday, February 2, 2009

Extended Hiatus

I haven't been posting much lately and I kind of feel the need to acknowledge that. Part of why I write at this blog is as a means to alleviate writer's block for my other longer standing and more daunting projects. Lately I've started and quickly aborted a number of articles but one thing I've been consistent about writing is my graphic novel that I'd been stalled on for over a year.

I've been making great progress in that realm and I didn't want to shortchange Superhero Babylon by only going halfway with my writing here. Of course this is why having a partnership on a project like this is good since Joe has produced many great entries in recent weeks and Mr. Vardoulis said something about having an entry ready in the near future.

To be completely honest I think my output here is going to be fairly limited until I finish my first draft, but I've contradicted myself before. Thanks to everyone for being so understanding. Hopefully the Garbageman will soon meet his end and the dancers of the Lion's Den Gentlemen's Club can all sleep easier.


Joe Maurone said...

Gotta run with that momentum, Landon. Shine on!