Friday, January 30, 2009

Superman: Meet your Match

  Wow, Lana Lang has changed from the "Sweetheart back home" from the comics I remember. At least on tv's SMALLVILLE...

 Last night's episode shows just how much of a badass she's become; "girl power," indeed. We see her training to be "invulnerable" in order to harness the power of "Project Prometheus," which was the creation of (absent) Lex Luthor. (Asutute viewers may have caught a glimpse on a computer screen on a previous episode of the familiar green and purple power suite worn by Lex in Crisis on Infinite Earths.) Anyway, under the impression that Lana's been kidnapped, the "red-blue" blur bursts in to save Lana, but finds Lana...saving herself...Now Clark, who was concerned that Lana was holding him back from his destiny, finds himself confronted with a lover who is NOT a damsel in distress, but an "equal." 

  You've come a long way, baby...

 This is not the first time Superman's met his match. Perhaps the most notable incident is Superman's first meeting with "The New Gods" of New Genesis. On their first encounter, Superman rushes to save someone who appears to be falling, only to find....they all can fly! What's even more interesting is their reaction to Superman: gentle amusement. They are more powerful than HIM! 

 So what does a hero do in a world of Supermen? 

 Of course, we are going to see the potential of a Luthor with powers, which plays up the real point of heroism: not superpowers, but super courage, super inner strength to "do the right thing"...Super MORALITY. It's what separates and defines the superhuman from the super HERO.