Saturday, November 8, 2008

Smallville: On to Doomsday (Spoiler)

  Geek post for the evening...

 Ok, in spite of my last post about Smallville and shmoo-zing, there's a reason why I still tune in...they've established that the character of Davis will become Doomsday, the creature who killed Superman in the comics some years ago. A h0-hum Mcguffin of a character, actually, in the comics at least. But they've really come up with something to develop the character for the show:

He's the son of General Zod. As in "Kneel Before Zod." 

Fuckin' A.

Heroes are defined to an extent by their villains, the bigger the hero, the bigger the villain has to be in order to have maximum drama. Superman was long plagued with cheesy villains, Luthor excluded. Zod, who first appeared in SUPERMAN II, really made you feel like Superman had a challenge. To make Doomsday his son is nothing short of brilliant, IMHO. (And the irony that he is currently a paramedic on a planet he is meant to destroy, even...).

I have a feeling that the setup will be better than the payoff, but what a setup!