Friday, November 14, 2008

SMALLVILLE: Doomsday is Coming (spoilers)

Geek Post for the Week:

So I thought they'd stretch it out 'til next season with a long, drawn-out but suspenseful buildup to Doomsday.

I was wrong...

(Which is good, because last night's episode was too suspenseful for my already fragile heart...that's why I watch SMALLVILLE, and not 24!)

So Jor-El and the Fortress is back, Jor and Kal have a heart-to-heart, and Jor-el frees Braniac from Chloe (yes, I said it...I can't stand Chloe...) after revealing to her the Kryptonian symbol for DOOM, Chloe goes running into the arms of Davis as a result, leaving Davis with the wrong impression...and Davis is heartbroken, spelling DOOM for the bride and groom...jeez, the great destroyer is set off by a broken heart? Anyway, we get a glimpse of the crusty crusher in the preview...he's in the the wedding...with glowing red eyes....I'm really hoping this spreads beyond the barn, this is supposed to be epic, not cozy! And he seemed kind of skinny, though it was a split-second view, maybe he's not done growing yet?

Anyway, on to Doomsday...

(BTW, WHY didn't Jor-El or Kal forsee that Braniac would spill his goo into the crystals? Geez, I know he's unpredictable, but shouldn't they have had a bucket ready or something?....Plotholes, people...)


Ben said...

They Did with the uk version they left the doomsday episode(abyss) till the next series.