Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hiatus: Musical Blackouts

 Sorry for the lapse in posts; Davis from SMALLVILLE isn't the only one having blackouts...I've been working on new music, and had to put posting here aside. In the final mixing stage, or so I thought. I WAS in the final mixing stage, and on the last song, I kept finding problem after problem after problem, (which, like Doomsday, are killed, only to come back stronger and seemingly immune to the previous method of killing), requiring me to plug the guitar back in...spent several sleepless nights chasing the white whale of the sonic oceans (tell me there's nothing heroic about musicians; ever face down phantom guitar buzz while trying to recapture the feel of an inspired improvistation? By gum, I'm protecting the integrity of the sonic spectrum!) hasn't been a problem until the previous night, when, at six a.m., I attempted sleep as usual, only to toss and turn with a headache. Finally managed SOME sleep, only to be woken prematurely, and making me feel worse. I went to work that way, since it was my own damn fault I didn't feel right calling out...and continued to torture myself last night until four a.m.! The sounds continued in my head AFTER I turned everything off; matter of fact, EVERY sound I heard seemed amplified in my brain...I think I even started to hallucinate a little...But I slept in today and feel almost better. Good news is that I THINK it's done this time (No comment from the peanut gallery, Landon :P)...well, even if it's NOT, it's closer to what I want it to be, and the good thing is that all this work is not in vain, if it turns out the way I hear it. 

 But if there are reports of a creature with crusty protrusions running amok tearing up barn weddings, well, I don't know...I blacked out, and then...