Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heroes vs. Politicians

This was posted on a forum called solopassion.com, an Objectivist website. I want to quote it here because it's one of the few times I've personally seen heroism defined as contextual.

"Heroism, like anything else, is contextual. Randy "Duke" Cunningham was once a hero of mine because what he did on May 10, 1972. John Glenn was a hero of mine for the lifetime that he lived up until and including the Mercury flight. (How many people know about "Project Bullet", for instance? Not many, I'd wager. He was the first guy to set an average supersonic speed across North America.) John McCain was a hero just for saddling-up every day the way he did and flying into the teeth of the most dangerous defenses in all the history of air combat.

All these assholes went into politics.

Let me just say that people like Bob Hoover, Chuck Yeager, Robin Olds, and Ed Rasimus are still heroes to me."

-Billy Beck