Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" or, a Heroic Disclaimer...

After some posts recently where I felt the need to add qualifiers and disclaimers, I want to state for the record my thoughts on a matter. While I and Landon started this site to defend the idea of heroism against those who would do away with heroes, we realize that there are different kinds of "heroes," according to one's values...and there are values systems out there that are less than heroic. For example, Charles Manson is a "hero" to some, David Duke is a "hero" to the KKK, and Bin Laden is a hero to those who would call him a "freedom fighter." While I caution against throwing out the baby with the bathwater, I do call for clean bathwater. So, while we defend the concept of heroism, we don't accept every "hero" as a hero simply because they defend some position. We advocate the "right" kind of heroes, according to our own values. (And it goes without saying, but just in case, we don't accept wrongdoing from our heroes, either, when a hero violates those values.)