Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Symphony of Babylon

For about 6 months I was developing a graphic novel project with Joe Maurone. We managed to get the core story fleshed out and I got about halfway into the first chapter. The project was looking to be somewhere around 500 pages. I started developing the project in order to learn how to write for another artist. Much of what I have written is beyond my drawing ability. As such the project is on indefinite hold until and unless I can find another artist.

I don't really see this as the end of the world seeing as I have other projects to attend to. But Joe and I both agreed that the story was good and deserved to be told. From time to time I'll be posting samples of the characters, scenarios and overall tone of the piece. This is to serve as an advertisement for any artists who are intrigued by the ideas, characters or events presented. I have character designs ready for several of the characters left over from the point of collaboration, and I'd be willing to go through the process again for any characters which would require further development.