Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the day

Wally: This is our moment. Linda… I made it through to the other side of light. I became part of some force… some power. It was it was glorious. I’m not sure I remember less [of what I saw] with each passing second. It was like looking at the face of God. I couldn’t comprehend a billionth of it—And yet it’s more a part of me now… more than it’s ever been for any man alive […]

Linda: But I don’t understand. Max…Max swore that no one could cross that threshold and return.

Wally: Yeah, well… Max doesn’t know everything

Linda: But if you belong there…if it called to you…then why did you come back from heaven? This place had all the answers you’ve been looking for! It had EVERYTHING!

Wally: True, but you weren’t there.

An exchange between Wally West the Flash and Linda Park in the final chapter of Flash: Terminal Velocity